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Ranging from informative "How-to-Do" books to thought-provoking memoirs, we are constantly inspired by our non-fiction authors and their work. 


Please get to know this week's featured non-fiction author, 

Sharon Farber 


When I decided to “become” a medium, many people reacted with versions of “I thought you had to be born with that” and “I didn’t think it was something you could learn.” I wasn’t sure about that myself. I did extensive reading and then put it into practice. The quiet mind used to connect with spirit is pretty much the same place I go to do healing. I could do it!

I was nearly jumping up and down with excitement when I had my first connection with someone else’s loved one in spirit. “Ruth” confirmed that yes, her dad had an “L” name, he did smoke a lot of cigarettes, and yes he died of cancer. The best part was that I had seen a military uniform. Not only had Dad been in the military, but Ruth had his uniform and was just looking at it a couple of days before. This was just a start, but it showed me that it was possible, which gave me the confidence to invest my time and energy in further developing these skills.

I took classes and workshops , and visited Spiritualist Churches. I received readings, exposed my kids to professional mediums so they wouldn’t think Mom had gone nuts, participated in circles, and started practicing on live volunteers. I went to Arthur Findlay College, in England, for a week-long mediumship intensive.

My week at Arthur Findlay College was magical, and confirmed that this is what I am meant to be doing. My teacher told me that I’ve been using my mediumistic skills my whole life and that I am a “natural medium.” My skills improved. I made connections in person, by phone, in “virtual circles,” and remotely. I started giving group demonstrations as well as private sessions. I returned to Arthur Findlay College in 2014 and 2017 for more remarkable weeks of intensive mediumship training and inspiration.

I started facilitating a mediumship development circle in May 2012 and it’s still going strong. We sit Wednesday nights to connect with Spirit and give messages to each other. We do “demonstration” circles on the first Wednesday of the month, where we invite guests to be “sitters.”

I opened Dragonfly Healing Arts LLC in Pine Meadow, Connecticut, in 2013. The center offers massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, meditation, yoga, mediumship readings, demonstrations, and classes, and more.

I wrote Choosing to Be a Medium; Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication, was published by Llewellyn in March 2019. The audio book will be produced by Blackstone Publishing. Pre-order the book now through Llewellyn, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Buy from Sharon.

I am grateful to my guides and teachers on both sides of the veil for their support, love, and guidance on this path.

Thank you for sharing the journey.

With love and light,

Sharon Farber

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Twitter: @sharonfarber1