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Swim with wild dolphins in Bimini and learn how to craft a saleable non-fiction* proposal with a literary agent and a published author!

Several years ago, I went to Wildquest, a week-long retreat in Bimini where I snorkeled, swam with wild dolphins, and participated in a Passion Project course. It was amazing and transformational! Mon-Fri a catamaran takes the small group (22) out on the ocean first to snorkel and then to locate the many pods of dolphins who seem to enjoy swimming with respectful humans. In the evening, we did the course. Recently I got an idea: how about doing a course for serious non-fiction/self-help writers who get personal attention from an agent who will share the ins and outs of getting a book published? Who might even (no promises!) take on your project or send it to one of her co-agents at The Seymour Agency (in business since 1992). This is a rare opportunity to have the ear of someone who’s been on both sides of the literary fence, as an author of 25 years as well.

Topics covered:
Ask the agent anything!
Compose a kick butt query letter
What's in a Proposal? (template provided)
What’s your Pitch? Group brainstorming/guidance
Meditation to open creativity/confidence
Assessing the market potential for your project
Social media/platform building—the 4 prongs of a strong project 
The process of a book’s journey to publication
And more…

Participants come away with real-world help for a selling proposal/query, my professional input on their project, and an opportunity to have their project seen by me or one of my co-agents, depending on subject. The agency represents a whole range of fiction and non-fiction. Author Rachael Wolff, of the upcoming Letters from a Better Me: The Empowered Woman (Mango Publishing), will share her perspective on the journey to get published and offer advice and inspiration.
We are looking at October 11-17th 2020 and need to gauge interest in order to firm up the week. There are 20 spots for participants. (No deposit necessary at this point).

The cost of the entire program is $1895 double occupancy per person, plus the round trip island flight of $390 from Ft. Lauderdale (and other incidentals: the link to the what is/what is not included).

The food is wonderful, the staff warm and helpful, and the experience is amazing and once-in-a-lifetime special. The humans form their own pod as well, and in our group, we’ll find a special kinship on this up-and-down writing journey. 
Please share this with all of your writing friends and family members. Anyone with interest or questions, please email me at

If we have enough people, I’ll be in touch with more details as we firm things up.

* Though the emphasis is on non-fiction, approved fiction writers are welcome to join in as well.

**Not an official Seymour Agency event

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